Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Temple PICS

Here are few of my Fav Wedding day pics from the temple enjoy! :)

Happily Ever After

so wow It's been a little over 2 years since I posted... not enough time to catch you up on all those details...but I will tell you the most important things...

so April 9th 2011 the Man of my dreams asked me to marry him. His name is Matt. He is everything I wanted in a man and more. I'm so lucky to have him. June 24th,2011 is the day we got sealed for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake Utah Temple. I loved that day and will cherish it forever. I'm grateful for family who helped with that. it made the day more than one could dream about :) I will post a few bridals/formals and temple day pics...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Update Continued... August-September 2009

August- The First Part of August the Fam and I headed to Bear Lake for our Annual trip. I attemped wake boarding again but still not able to get up..LAME!! i got up for about 2 seconds and dropped. Monica and Des came, along with the prestridge clan, grandpa and roxie, Andrea, and Domoina. we boated and went 4 wheeling.

A couple days after I went on a Humanitarian Aide trip out the Country to Guatemala which was Absolutely AMAZING!!! I could go on for Pages and Pages about this but i won't...

some of the top 10 highlights of the trip: (not in any particular order just as i remembered them)
1.Serving the happy people of the Polochic and getting to use my nursing skills! always has been a dream of mine. i'm so beyond words as to how grateful I am to have the opportunity to participate in this work.

2. getting to sleep with a bugnet around me for 8 days, i felt like i was sleeping in a bubble. Putting it up was quite the adventure too..we hoisted Heidi up to tie all three of our bug nets around the rafters..I think they would have to both agree this was the #1 best Purchase of the trip and a close second would be the rain boots to keep the mud out. the last day in the polochic i found a spider that was at least the size of my palm underneath my luggage...YIKES!! thank goodness for bugnets that's all i have to say!! and it kept the skeeters out too!! that was nice to not have to wake up smelling like bug spray every morning.

3. Showering with a live SCORPIAN.. YIKES thanks for the warning ANDREA silly girl... but it makes for good memories

4. Andrea Falling off a 4 foot ledge and almost breaking her leg in the middle of a very rural mountainous region.., but instead only getting a very nice large hematoma(big black and blue brusing) the size of her thigh.

5. Meeting Awesome new friends from all over the US who like to travel and serve double bonus! and we still keep in touch it's awesome!! they all want to hang out when ever they come to utah and it's so much fun!

6. Getting to stay over at Heidi Buchanan's house in Texas and getting to spend time with her nephews and family.

7. Practicing my spanish/learning Q' which I was suprised how much i was able to understand when being forced into knowing it. along with this one is learning some Q' word i learned from the kids was kiss and i could never say it right but the kids would laugh and laugh as i tried to say it and then i teased them. Kim Mah's favorite word of the trip that I kind of started with the kids in one village was Quasharu..meaning crazy.. sorry kim but it was just the best word to descibe the situation ;) from then on there out all the kids of this village call not only kim but anyone from our group quasharu.

8. Getting together with the LDS church members in this area for a combined talent was so awesome to see the church's presence there!! and the members were amazing.. one inparticular i really enjoyed was Pedro. He was probably in his 50's fit as a horse...he was the young men's president he has such an amazing spirit with him...he was one of the few members in the area who was able to go to the temple in guatemala city and become endowed. He invited Andrea, Heidi and I to come into his house and meet his family, such a cool experience.

9. The Jungle Lodge...enough that place was full of BUGS yet another night we slept with bug nets around us.

10. Becoming Cattle...we rode everyday to our different village destinations on a cattle truck. It kind of felt like we were cattle at times. and coming home on the dark, narrow, steep cliff like roads was interesting with a full open truck and with all the extra natives that rode on the top and outside of the truck to hitch a ride.. crazy i tell you!

Daxton turned 1 Year old just a day or so after i got back from Guatemala! crazy!! i can't believe he's getting so big. He got spoiled...but who wouldn't with 7 Aunts, right? (4 from our side, 3 from Andy's side). He's so cute.. I so glad to have him in my life.. he is definitely a highlight :)

September- The week before labor day...I just kept going...this was the summer of living out of a bag/suitcase..I had just enough to unpack, wash the clothes and put them back into my bag. it was so much fun! I ended up going on a 4 wheeling trip with my dad and his geezer 4 wheeling buddies...I was very impressed with this bunch even though I was the only was who was under the age of 50. I think my dad was the youngest besides me on the trip. it was so much fun to spend quality time with my dad and get more into 4 wheeling. the first day we went up and down some really crazy stuff...I got thrown into the fire on learning control real quick! i think i did pretty good though :) I really liked one couple in particular. Betty and Darrell Ricks. They are so Youthful. I really want to strive to be active like them when i hit their age of 70's. I want to still be the one going skiing and 4 wheeling and have spunk left in me. They really inspire me. They are one of good friend from high school's Aunt and Uncle. Darrell would always call me "gorgeous"..."where did goregous go", "what's gorgeous up to?" he even told me he was going to make me a shirt when he got home that said Gorgeous and he was going to give it to me. lol silly old man but i'm going to hold him up to that...he better do what he's says he's going to, right? ;)

I'll always remember the little town of Escalante from the trip... I have bad luck every time I go to that town. In May of this is it rained us out...this trip the town's waterline had broken and there was no outside water allowed to run... interesting...I must be bad luck there.. I still want to hit Spooky and Peek-a-Boo Gulch some day. it's was ok though.. Dad and I went to the petrified Forest which was a nice hike. easy going and get to see cool stuff.

I'll always remember the folks from England we met while there too.. If anyone knows my dad, you know he will go up to anyone and start a conversation. He happen to start a conversation with this gentleman about socialistic Health care. The man couldn't understand why we didn't think it was a good Idea. then we tried to tell him it was better to not do social medicine because it was a more competitive market. He told us he was diagnosed with colon cancer and it took him a month to get a CT scan...YIKES!! that's all i have to say...if it was malignant you could be dead in a month. Needless to say i'm not such a big fan of what our government is currently doing with Health care it's a BAD IDEA!!

Choir started up many new people it was hard to keep everybody's name straight but i think it will be a good semester.

Update of Lyndsi's Life May-July

Shoot!! I can't believe it's been since March since I last wrote on here...dang i'm a slacker! anyways for those of you whom haven't given up on me in the Blog world here are my happenings since march as much as i can remember them. they are categorized by months and have highlights of each month that I have missed since my last entry... it's been a while so i will do it in 2 different POSTs April-July...then tomorrow August- Current...

April was the end of the semester for choir...we did a dessert show which was really fun and I also got the opportunity to sing in the Saturday Morning General Conference session. I also went on a very fun Formal Date night with a bunch of friends. it was the Red Carpet Date Night put on by the institute. so much FUN i just danced the night away with all the boys :) oh and by the way this was the first time I did my own formal up do!! check it out..

I went on our annual ward friend Memorial Day Campout.. we went to Escalante... if anyone remembers this time of the year this year, Utah decided it want to be like Washington and Oregon and RAIN RAIN RAIN RAIN... we had straight rain the whole time...Andrea really really loved this trip... it was packed full of wetness, soggy sleeping bags, leaky tents, and a rescue by Domoina and Romeo taking us down to SUNNY st. one like to camp in the rain let's be honest, so we (Andrea, myself, Rob, Katie, Domoina, and Romeo) went down to Cedar City the first night thanks to Katie for the Graciousness of her parents home!! then on to St. George where is was sunny and no RAIN. it was aweomse. We went and played in Zions since we had to buy a pass because we took Beautiful Highway 89 which i suggest to anyone!! so much prettier Drive than I-15 down to St. George. Moina and I hiked Angels Landing again and Man it seemed so easy...wonder if that's because we were in better shape...Nah probably just knew the surroundings better!
Andrea and I trying to sleep in Lizzy's car because of a Leaky Tent
Romeo, Andrea and I Jumping and trying to Fly off Angel's Landing

May also brought a short lived little Romatic bad the man was not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed..."heck hanging out with you beats watching TV...""i just don't think you're my pea in my pod" who the heck says that anyways over a txt message ta boot... anyways long story short cute guy but dumber than a doornail... doesn' exactly know how to treat a lady. There is probably a reason he's 31 and not married gotta be careful with those types of guys!!

June- So I passed up my 25th Birthday in June!! oh YA and to Celebrate i went Sky Diving with a couple of my old Highschool buddies. Nothing like bringing in the quarter of a century by jumping out of a plane.. Mom Freaked out a little bit when i popped the Video of the Dive in, but i made sure she didn't know about it until after the fact... always best you know with moms! My 25th Birthday was pretty good...i think i had like 3 different cakes thanks to Mike, Sam and Moina? i can't remember who bought me the 3rd Cake. Sam's was definately the best..the BTS cake all the way!! It was like a week long Celebration for me coming into the world!! AWESOMENESS!! thanks mom for bringin me in this world and putting up with me for 25 awesome years :)

July- So this summer I did ALOT of camping and sleeping in sleeping bags Mostly End of July first of August (Andrea counted about 17 different occasions!!) I had the opportunity to go on another pioneer trek. I have been on one before but I don't remember it being as hard as this one. I was one of the the 4 nurses on the the Trek which was kind of cool. I got to treat many many Blisters, pull slivers out, and even Glue a 9yr old's foot wound shut with super glue. You use what you have.. As far as i know he made it out ok. My feet Hurt so bad by the end of that trip...this made me contemplate the idea of getting new Hiking Shoes. I had such an Amazing experience the Pioneer spirit was definately ALIVE and the spirit of Eligiah was there. The most Heart warming and moving part of the Trek for me was the Women's Pull... we had to pull up the biggest largest hill of the trek... there were a few girls in my family who had Asthma but they still treked up the hill with out tremble...makes me think of the women who had to do this day after day with out their men they are such stong spirits. what really got me was this whole thing was in silence and the men were at the top of the hill watching us struggle up it with the hats and heads bowed in silence. Swarms of emotions hit me at the moment when i first saw them and it made my huffing and puffing even worse but such as STONG spirit there at that time!!

I also went on backpacking overnighter which was way fun up Logan Canyon to Whitepine Lake then we floated the Logan river after and went to the GOOD OL' Demolotion Derby HECK YA!! the summer went by so fast for me!!

Michael Jackson also died this month... sad days he was such an amazing musician/entertainer. I was kind of sad to hear the news. .. R.I.P. MJ!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lyndsi is Finally BRACE FREE!!! ya!

So I have decided i'm not motivated enough to do a triathlon. I haven't been to the gym since December that's kind of sad. this doesn't mean i don't exercise though. i get plenty i assure you. I have been hitting the slope pretty hard snowboarding because it's been such a great season. wish i would have bought a season pass. dang it!

I also country dance almost every week. It all depends on how many times i snowboard though, because both of those hobbies do cost money. One alot more than the other.

I recently got my braces off and i have been told that I have movie star smile. I guess the $$$$ was worth it. My roommate and best friend did tell me that I talk differently now though. i don't know how that is but apparently i announciate things differently. speaking of that I danced with a good friend recently and he noticed my braces were off and I told him about my roommate and friend thinking i talked differently...he said he didn't really notice but a few seconds after that he know your pitch has changed a bit. I had to sadly inform him that it was because i've been sick. But i found that to be very hillarious!! How does one's pitch change from brace removal. i thought that was all in the vocal cords. it gave me a good laugh!! I'll post a before, during, and after photo so you can tell my beautiful smile's progression. tell me what you think of the new movie star smile :)
During After

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Triathalon Training?? heck ya

So i've recently decided that i want to get back into shape and try participating in a sprint triathalon down in st. george in May. Luckly i have a little time to prepare otherwise i would die. i still may die but I will die less (if that makes any sense) if i'm training.

so i started going to the gym again after a long 6 months yipes!! and i'm super sore. I think this new goal of mine is kind of exciting and will keep me busy for a while.
The race includes a:
-400 yd swim
-15 mile bike ride
-3 mile run

Not to bad right? I really need to work on my swimming. Luckily i don't have to do one specific stroke. I really suck at doing the freestyle stroke which i hear gets you the fastest time but i think i will just try to finish the race not go for any time breaking records. i feel like i don't get as tired doing the breast stroke or back stroke but again i think i am a little slower doing those strokes. i have a hard time coordinating my breaths with out inhaling water with the freestyle. so we'll see. i think i'm in good shape for the biking. i biked 5.5 miles yesterday and didn't get too terribly out of breath so that's a 3rd of the way there. i'm doing alright with the running i could use a little practice with my endurance though. that's huge in a triathalon!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I have been tagged ...

-The Office
-Grey's Anatomy
-American Idol
-Myth Busters
-It Takes a Theif ( pretty much i LOVE the discovery channel and Documentaries cuz i'm a nerd like that :0) )
-The Price is RIGHT ( ya not just the old people watch it.) i haven't seen most of these in forever. most of these shows i only see because i'm on a break at work or just have an extra min while i'm eating... all except the OFFICE and LOST those two i'm pretty faithful too.)

-The Bombay House/Star of India(in bountiful)
-Costa Vida/Cafe Rio (same thing)
-Red Robin (Kristy knows why!!)
-The Blue Plate Diner
-Macaroni grill/Bucca Di Beppo/Olive garden
-Training Table (speical dipping sauce YA you know what i'm talking about!!)
-Rumbi's Island Grill
-Some Middle Eastern Food (shwarma that's probably spelled way wrong but we at that ALOT in Israel and now that i'm not eating everyday i kind of miss it!!)

-I started to Read my book(new moon) finally. i'm still not done but i will eventually get there don't worry moina!
-I showered
-I went to my Institute Choir Practice
-I called my mom
-I learned how to clean Wax out of Carpet(ANDY!!!) lol
-I accidentally melted the carpet in the wax cleaning proccess oops...we'll just put a lamp over that spot ;0)
-I watched the Presidental Debate between Mccain and Obama (so sad they just rip on each other and don't say what it is they plan to do to change things)
-Hung out with my awesome roomies and QUINN (you ladies man you!!)

-SnowBoarding!! yeah for winter
-Christmas music!! yeah for christmas!!
-my Nephew's First Christmas
-My Half birthday, December 8th baby!! i'm so having another party whoot whoot!
-Getting My Christmas Bonus (hopefully they will do it this year they have every year since i started)
-Domina getting a job in Salt Lake City
-Going to Disneyland for NEW YEARS!!!
-Going to Thailand next March or April

-Travel to all the continents in the world
-Do Humanitarian work in a foreign country(Operation SMILE, LDS church humanitarian aide,etc)
-Possibly go to Grad school for a NP
-Get Endowed
-Make everyone happy :0) or at least give it a good try
-Be closer to my Family
-Get to know more People
-Have all the money in the world to travel as much as i want and spoil my nephew with ;0)
-donate money to a charity
-gain a better knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ (travel to all the holy sites)

Kayla Prestridge
Jennie B.
Heidi Buchanan
Sharon Rowley
Heidi West
Aubree/Michael Cooper
Kristy Thornton